What’s in a website?

Social media is all you need to keep your fans up to date right? Maybe not.

These days, everyone is on social media. There are so many platforms it’s hard to even keep up. And your fans on one, may not necessarily be the same fans on another. If you leave it to chance you may be losing out.

Do we think you need a website? Absolutely. Traditionally a website was the equivalent of a storefront. That still holds true. Yes, social media is important for building your communities but a website is your home base. There should be a central location that all your avenues lead in and out. It should have the look and feel of your music.

A properly designed website allows fans to find ALL your channels from someplace they can easily access. It’s a place you can keep them up to date on your touring schedule, merchandise, new music releases, new video releases, etc. And it gives them direct links to all those different places where the information won’t get lost in social media algorithms and scrolling.

Your site is also a place to host your EPK, whether it is open for all to see, or behind the scenes for those with access to it. Your website is an important element of your marketing that shouldn’t be ignored.