Business Essentials for Artists in a Time of Social Distancing

It’s a whole new world for musicians right now. As part of an industry that relies on being out in a crowd these are unpresedented times. So what should you do during social distancing?

Social Media Live

Now is the time to get your social media game on. Go ahead and put on your own concert. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, nothing right now is. Just hit the live button and play. Stop every other song to answer fan questions. Keep it light, keep it fun. Maybe try an accoustic version of a song. Many musicians are doing parodies of their own songs which are keeping fans entertained. Encourage donations with a or Venmo link.

Update or start a website

Now is the time to get your site polished up or started if you do not have one yet so you will be ready for the road when live shows start up again. Social media is important to engage with fans, but you still need a home base for them to be able to get to you easily and quickly. With so many social sites coming in and out of popularity and the demographic target of each, your website is the one place to round them all up.


Get that channel started. Be sure to keep adding content. Why not show fans how you write a song. Or a new hobby you are taking up during this time? Share your YouTube videos on Facebook.

Fan Interaction

How about a fun TikTok challenge with your fans? Fun and games with your fans will make them feel connected to you. Right now people need to feel connections to other people, especially those they look up to.

Some Useful Links